What is DappStarter?

DappStarter is a full-stack development environment for blockchains. It supports your choice of blockchain and blockchain language as well as an integrated front end user experience in your choice of client side framework.

When to Use DappStarter?

Developers can use DappStarter to quickly and easily create create blockchain applications. DappStarter generates a full-stack blockchain application with smart contract code, tests for your code, a web app, and a server-side API.

DappStarter output includes:

  • Smart contract code

  • Tests for smart contract code

  • Web app

  • Server-side API

DappStarter is intended to provide a framework that developers can customize, it is not intended to provide a complete, full-stack application out-of-the-box.





Blockchains are the underlying technology for the decentralized web.

Smart contract

A smart contract is the code executed on a blockchain.


A computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. If you’ve ever developed “serverless” apps on Azure or Amazon this is a similar concept.


An object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. It is used for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, most notably, Ethereum. Solidity is similar to JavaScript.