DappStarter CLI

Build full-stack blockchain applications with DappStarter directly from your terminal.

Download DappStarter CLI

Download the executable for your target system and add it to your PATH to utilize. Windows users can choose the setup installer, which will take care of it for you.

Install from source using dart-sdk and run using dart bin\main.dart create

Using DappStarter CLI

Basic usage

dappstarter create

Save configuration only

dappstarter create -w config.json

Create from configuration

dappstarter create -c config.json


dappstarter create --help
Create dappstarter project
Usage: dappstarter create [arguments]
-h, --help Print this usage information.
-o, --output Output directory. If omitted current directory will be used.
-c, --config Loads configuration from file and processes.
-w, --config-only Writes configuration to file without processing.
Run "dappstarter help" to see global options.
Example: dappstarter create -c config.json